13 April 2021

How to Mainstream Women in Turkey’s Peacekeeping and Defence Policies

Gizem Bilgin Aytaç – Women, Peace and Security Agenda: Mainstreaming, Peacekeeping and Turkey’s Defence Policies

In general, women are often portrayed as ‘compromising’, ‘calm’ and ‘patient’, or ‘natural- born negotiators’. As feminist literature agrees, these portrayals enable gender hierarchies and promote the notion of masculine and feminine as well as shaping gendered power relations in all levels of society. The feminist International Relations literature has a consensus that women are not natural-born peacebuilders. However, it is underlined that while women are experiencing painful consequences of conflicts, they are excluded from peace processes. To ensure women’s inclusion in peace and security processes and to increase women’s representation in conflict and post-conflict regions, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) signed Resolution 1325 (RES/1325) in 2000.

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