1 July 2022

WFP Notes

Bezen Balamir Coşkun- What Do Ukranian Women Tell Us About the Women Peace and Security Agenda of Security Studies?

In her book “Bananas, Beaches, and Bases,” Cynthia Enloe asked the question of “where are the women?” in international peace and security.Recently, the war between Russia and Ukraine shows us that women’s presence is crucial in all sectors of conflict and conflict resolution. Notably, the participation of Ukrainian women in nationwide resistance against the Russian invasion has underlined the value of the UN’s Women Peace and Security (WPS) agenda. Since the Maidan protests in late 2013, women have been playing crucial roles in Ukraine. As pointed out by Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska, “Ukrainian resistance against Russia has a female face”. Once more the war between Russia and Ukraine show that the conflicts brought challenges and opportunities for the emancipation of women, but also caused growing threats to their human security. However, the vitality of following the WPS agenda for global peace and security architecture was not reflected in academic debates within Security Studies. In this short analysis, the state of the WPS agenda in Security Studies will be examined.

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