Women in Foreign Policy
Integrating Women’s Perspective into Foreign Policy

What is it?
Women in Foreign Policy (Turkey) iniative aims to integrate women’s perspective in all aspects of foreign policy through
• Promoting women’s voices on hard security issues
• Encouraging women’s participation to foreign policy decision making at all levels, encouraging bottom-up, non-hierarchical approaches
• Bringing together women at all levels who are interested and involved in peace- making, historical reconciliation and solution of frozen conflicts to share their experiences and develop long term policy recommendations.
• Empowering young women to become leaders in foreign policy fields
• Encouraging all to take responsibility for meeting global challenges that hamper an equitable and sustainable development.

What is the purpose?
Exchange experiences to understand the problems encountered and develop solutions to overcome obstacles. Mobilize collective expertise, develop partnerships, encourage cooperation and catalyze processes. Empower young women to become active participants of foreign policy mechanisms.

The initiative aims to:
Provide opportunities for discussion of international politics and foreign policy
Develop concepts and recommendations to improve women’s presence in foreign policy
Create networks
Provide a venue for public officials and professionals to address problems
Empower women to be decision-makers

Shared values and guiding principles:
Participatory processes
Regional cooperative approach
Building partnerships